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The Websquare Infotech team provides 15 days money back guarantee if the customer’s issue is not fixed. If the solution or diagnoses of one or more issues are done, no refund will be given. We reserve the right to refuse, terminate or suspend services for any reason we consider, without any prior notice. The services may typically suspend if the computers are used for improper and illegal manner, providing obscene content, privacy right violation or conducting action that defames the third party.

The refund can be carried out in following cases a) The issue is out of scope of the particular where to buy vigora plan, b)10 days have passed and your issue is not worked upon, c) If the issue was not resolved in the active time considering you have all the prerequisites.

The refund amount will be credited directly to your credit card mentioned in details of Websquare Infotech. On the particular request the refund can be processed to other account subject to submission of required document. We recommend you to call 1-562-888-2313 or reach at http://websquareinfotech.com for any issue and we will definitely take care of the issue you requested for.